Top Latin Curriculums for 2021

If you’re homeschooling, you probably are in the midst of planning for the new school year right about now! I’ve updated my list of curriculum recommendations for this school year – check them out below.

**If you’ve already picked and purchased your Latin curriculum for the year, move forward with confidence! There is no one-size-fits-all curriculum.

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Elementary: I Speak Latin

I Speak Latin is a self-contained conversational Latin course, aimed for grades 2-6. It provides fully-scripted lesson plans with phonetic spelling, so it can work well for parents with little Latin experience. There are no consumable workbooks or student texts to purchase, just the teacher’s guide ($40 for a PDF). Free audio files are available on the author’s website.

Note: Print copies were discontinued in 2020. I own an earlier copy, so I do not know what updates appear in the 2020 edition.

Middle: Picta Dicta Latin Primer

This recommendation is new for this year!** The thing I am most impressed about with the Picta Dicta Latin Primer is that it emphasizes understanding Latin as Latin instead of just decoding it into English, while still teaching grammatical concepts. Check out the promo video for more info:

**If you’re already in the middle of using the Latin for Children program that I recommended last year, keep going with it! That is still a great program, but I have this new recommendation for those just starting out finding a curriculum.

Junior/High School: Lingua Latina

Lingua Latin Per Se Illustrata is pretty much considered the gold-standard of modern Latin textbooks. The text is completely in Latin which makes it the best for actually teaching your child (or you!) to read Latin without just trying to awkwardly decode the language. It does this through lots of images and Latin margin notes that guide you through understanding the text. However, an all-Latin textbook can be intimidating if you as the parent don’t have much experience with Latin. Thankfully there are courses that can help you use this text in your homeschool!

If you want to use Classical pronunciation (this is the pronunciation I use for Latin Storytime), School of Latin offers full online self-paced courses that guide you through Lingua Latina.

If you want to use Ecclesiastical pronunciation (Church Latin), Visual Latin offers a guide on how to use Lingua Latina with their video series.

Whatever you choose, I hope your child’s Latin learning this school year is a joy for you all!