Summer Challenge

Join me for the 2022 Summer Latin Challenge!

This year’s theme is Nova et Vetera, which is Latin for “new things and old things.” In learning how to read Latin, it’s important to get into the habit of reviewing old Latin material we’ve already encountered as well as challenging ourselves with Latin material that is new to us.

The challenge is to spend 30 days in Latin that is new to you and 30 days in review. I want you to focus on reading or listening for enjoyment, not translation or analysis. So vocabulary drills and grammar exercises don’t count, but any Latin reading or listening does!

Not sure what to do for your challenge? The Summer Challenge pack includes links to suggested resources! And you set the amount you do each day, so even 5 or 10 minutes of Latin a day is enough to build a habit.

To get started, access the Summer Challenge Pack by clicking the button below. I’m offering the pack for free, you just need to enter “0” in the price box. But if you’d like to support my work on the resources I offer here at Latin Storytime, you can enter a greater amount!

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